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    Yoga on the Go


    It is possible for you and your children to take yoga breaks on the go, without looking or feeling ridiculous. Here are three tips to get you started!

    (1) Parks and Playgrounds 
    Use the space to stretch in an appropriate environment, either with your kids in a local playground, by the Bay or in beautiful Golden Gate Park. With or without a mat, you can put your yoga practice to use in the sunshine.

    (2) Chair Yoga 
    Stuck sitting down for a long time? At work or school, your chair can become your proverbial yoga mat. Check out this link for some excellent chair yoga ideas – click here.

    (3) Mindful Transport 
    Whether you’re in a bus, an Uber, a train, a ferry or driving yourself – there’s no time like the present to employ some yoga techniques. Deep breathing is the simplest, and most subtle way calm your mind and reconnect with your body. Take a long, hard look at your surroundings and challenge yourself to notice something new. A faraway sound in the background, a detail on a landmark or house – just take a moment to quiet all the noise in your life and focus on the small things.

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