PAUSD Grant -2015
Stretch Your Brain Yoga Class
Classes are taking place weekly for 12 consecutive weeks in 5 SAI/ Futures classrooms (between 6 to 10 children per class). The teachers and support staff in each class will be given opportunities for training, which will encourage teachers to integrate new skills/ strategies into the students’ daily routines.

Weekly classes are offered in 5 classrooms to students with special needsĀ  as an opportunity to develop body awareness, physical stamina, focus, self-regulation, and social skills within the context of an interactive, child-friendly yoga class. This class is tailored to the unique needs of students in a variety of SAI/ Futures classrooms throughout PAUSD. Baseline data is taken to monitor the development of balance, flexibility, focus, and self-regulation skills throughout the program. Additionally, training opportunities will be offered to teachers and specialists working with the students, in order to maximize integration of skills throughout their school day.


  • Increase body/breath awareness
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Develop self-regulation strategies
  • Improve social skills
  • Develop focus