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    What is Sensory Integration?

    Sensory Integration (aka “Sensory Processing”) refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate motor and behavioral responses (SPD Foundation, 2015). Everybody processes sensory information in their own unique way, with the majority being able to appropriately act on what the body is receiving.

    Sensory Processing Disorder (aka Sensory Integration Disorder) affects how a person feels and behaves when faced with sensory input.

    Sensory Seekers typically:

    • “crash” in play (e.g. slam toys together, run into people or things, enjoy jumping from play structures/furniture etc.)
    • enjoy crunchy and spicy food
    • use a loud voice
    • feel the need to touch everything
    • love smelling things
    • love spinning

    Sensory Avoiders (aka “Sensory Defensiveness”) typically:

    • have a small repertoire of food they will eat
    • everything “hurts” – dislike being touched
    • dislike swings, slides or movements where feet are not planted
    • hate tags being left on shirts – very small repertoire of clothing they will wear

    How does this relate to yoga? 
    The YEAS yoga method targets self regulation techniques that help those with sensory sensitivities function well with the challenges of life. Finding coping mechanisms that are socially and age appropriate provides the key to more experiences of success in school, extra curricular activities and social events.

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