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    3 Steps towards Mindful Eating

    (1) Turn off Screens 
    Food: that’s all it takes to eat mindfully. Limit other distractions so you can focus on on what is going in your mouth. Paying attention to your body, instead of the TV or your phone, means that you’ll identify when you’ve had enough to eat. Mindful eating promotes a healthier, more purposeful lifestyle.

    (2) Taste all the Flavors
    Can you identify all the flavors in your food? Next time you sit down to eat, try and sort out what you’re tasting – spices, textures, acidity, salt and sweetness – don’t take these tastes for granted. How does each bit taste when it’s on different parts of your tongue? How does the temperature of your food play into your ability to enjoy eating? Be present with your meal.

    (3) Quality over Quantity 
    When you make food from scratch, you become aware of what it takes to create different flavors. Thinking about the foods we eat without thinking gives us a larger appreciation for what we’re putting in our mouths. Baking and cooking with quality ingredients are great ways to be more mindful at mealtimes, as well as being generally better for our bodies. Eat better food in lesser amounts.

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